Superhero Tripawd

Dear peoples hi it is me Sparky Superdog. Some things happened and I want to tell to you bout them. Do you member I goed to physico therpy in Dec? Well, I goed back in Jan. I seed the doctor called Dr Morrison and the therpist called Tori. Tori did my therpy for a whole hour. She started with a heat pack and gived to me a massage. She did deep firm touching with her hands. Mommy haves been doing my therpy soft and gentle but Tori did it better. Tori did range of motion moving my joints lots more than Mommy does. She teached to Mommy how to make me belly crawl like a army man. Tori haved me stand on a board that haves a rocker thing under it and moved it side to side for me to practice shifting my weight on my legs. Man it was xhausting. She teached to me a new trick. She holded a treat in front of my nose then moved it back to my side. I haved to turn to reach for it. This is to stretch the muscles in my back. I have very bad arthritis in my spine so the muscles are tight and sore. I liked that game.

After our poinment the plan was to go stay the night at our friends’house and go home in the morning. It did not work out that way. We goed to their house. Their cats runned way to hide to not like me very much. We sleeped on the air mattress. In the morning we goed out to go potty and guess what? It was SNOWING BUCKETS! It snowed all day. The roads were closed and we could not go home. We stayed put. Our friend Uncle Allen gived to me tuna. Mommy said that is nough. No more tuna. But she goed back to bed and I begged with my dorble face and he gived to me some more. Don’t tell Mommy kay?

Uncle Allen haves 20 wild turkeys that live in his yard. We goed our to look at them. I said yap yap yap. That means I want to chase the turkeys! But mommy said no. She never lets me have any fun. We stayed the night gain. Then the roads were clear and we comed home. That was Sat.
Today is Mon and we goed to see Dr Sam. She does love me. We telled to her bout the physico therpy and she beed happy to see I am doing lots better. She taked my blood but I forgived her. She petted and cuddled me and talked to me soft. She did not charge us for the poinment because she does love me and my cute self. We will find out bout my bloodwork in a few days. Hopefully I am fine. It is called old dog blood panel.

I am a superhero dog to be a good boy and coperate with the physico therpy. I am brave and strong and getting better. Mommy is so proud of me. Dr Sam said to mommy
You added years onto his life. Good job mom. We do PT and massage evvy other day at home. Mommy does love me.
Hooray for evvybody that helps me to get better.
I hope you are all happy.
Much love from Sparky Superdog.

Author: sparkythedog

I am ghost writing this for my rat terrier, Sparky.

2 thoughts on “Superhero Tripawd”

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! You ARE a good boy superhero Tripawd, Sparky! And your momma is a superhero too. I love that your vet even noticed a difference in your health. This is a great way to start the year. What a great team you have.

    That snow storm sounded like a lot of fun. Can we come visit Uncle Allen sometime too? Wyatt would LOVE to chase the turkeys with you!

    Tell your momma to share your pictures so we can put your blog in more places on the interwebs. Everypawdy wants photos, and we can share your blog better that way OK? More peeples need to meet the Amazing Sparky Superhero!

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