Sparky is sick. He had a dental on Friday and seemed to be recovering well. He ate canned food over the weekend and acted ok. On Monday I put out canned and dry food and he didn’t eat anything. Tuesday, I put out dry food (I was out of canned food) and he didn’t eat. I got more canned food Tuesday evening and he ate a little. Yesterday he had diarrhea all day and didn’t eat. I offered him canned food and canned pumpkin and he turned them down. He drank a little beef broth. He was up with diarrhea last night and off and on today. I made him a pot of chicken soup and he won’t eat the meat but he likes the broth. I’ve been hand feeding him tiny bits of hard boiled egg. He takes his meds with cream cheese. I’m just trying to keep him alive until our appointment at 2:30 on Friday. He is not lethargic. He lets me know when he has to go outside to go potty.  I am going to keep offering him egg and cream cheese and chicken broth.  Think good thoughts for us, please.
I think maybe his mouth hurts from the dental work. Or maybe he caught a GI bug at the clinic.
This is really hard for us.

Author: sparkythedog

I am ghost writing this for my rat terrier, Sparky.

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  1. Oh nooooo I’m so sorry! I know you must be so scared (I would be!), but hang in there. Sparky is one tough little guy and hopefully this is just a little hiccup that is easily treated with some meds.

    Please get better Sparky! We love you!

    Lots of love & pawsitivity are being sent to you both. Please keep us posted.

  2. Bummed to read this. Too often it seems as though infections take hold after dental work. Not saying this is the issue, but it wouldn surprise ,me. The GI stuff could be part of it.

    Hopefully they can get some fluids in him and get a good antibiotic going, and some good meds to coat his tummy.
    Update as soon as you can. He IS a ruff and tuff hou, plus he has all of his fans cheering for him!
    Extra hugs!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. I’m sorry Sparky is not feeling well! He looks so much like my Elly although she had floppy ears.
    Does he usually eat canned food? Could the diet change be the cause? My old quad-Pug boy had a dental in December and was recovering well. A week in he started throwing up- 7 times one morning! I had the vet look at him and his surgery was healing fine, no infection. They gave him fluids and an anti-nausea med. I later figured out the my Dad had mistakenly been feeding the dogs the left over turkey I had frozen from Thanksgiving. The turkey had been brined and was too high in salt for Obie.
    Also- what meds is he on? Elly had a very invasive dental last year also and had 7 teeth removed including one of the big molars she had fractured. She was on metacam and tramadol for several days after surgery. She tolerated the meds OK but metacam can cause diarrhea.
    On the flip side if he didn’t get enough pain meds that might explain why he isn’t eating.
    Both my dogs had stitches in their mouths and our dentist vet said only soft food for two weeks.
    I hope the solution is easy and Sparky is back to himself very soon!

    Karen and the Spirit Pug Girls

  4. Hi,
    Just read your post. I completed a bunch of dentals when i worked in the veterinary field. I hope this helps. 5 extractions can be a lot, depending on which teeth were pulled. I don’t know if they told you whether any of the extractions required sutures. If they were molars then fair chance they put a couple of sutures in. Try some ground up soft food. He might just be tender. The diarrhea? Could be medication or stress. See if you can get him to eat the ground food. You can warm it slightly and maybe even add a little water or broth to it. If you have something like a ninja or a food processor, you can mash up the rice and broth into the food to help his poop get solid. It sounds like he is ok but sore from what you’ve mentioned. If you’re wondering if it’s infection, which is less likely, you can take a rectal temp on him. His temp should be 101 to 103. 103 is the higher side of normal, borderline but I’ve seen that in many a stressed animal without cause for serious worry. Pain can even raise the temp. Higher than that and I’d have him seen. Good luck with your furbaby, i hope he turns the corner soon ❤
    Jackie and Huck💖

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