Disabled dog

Hey, everyone.


Sparky is losing control of his back end because he has so much damage to his spine after nearly 14 years walking on three legs. He falls frequently and can’t get up. He can no longer stand up to eat his meals.
He continues to eat large meals of shredded chicken and dog food.  He sleeps on my lap most of the time.

He has a new stroller that he really likes. We sit outside in the sun and go for strolls in the neighborhood.

Despite the fact that he is in a lot of and can barely stand up, he was wagging his tail and quite cheerful when he went to see Dr Sam today. He has been in love with her for years.

I really thought she was going to say that today was going to be his last day, but we got a reprieve. She said that he is to be completely confined for the next six weeks- no walking at all except on a short leash to go potty. The rest of the time he will be on my lap or in his crate or stroller. I will carry him to his dishes when he needs food and water. I will give him pain meds four times a day. We will cuddle and sunbathe and have backrubs and belly rubs and reminisce about the old times when we used to hike for miles and all the times he tried to hump his little girl dog friends. We will go visit all the people who love him.

In six weeks, or quite possibly sooner, we will say good bye.

Dr Sam said,

”This is Sparky’s last year, but I don’t think it is his last month.”


I am going to try to add some photos and videos.

Thank you for being Sparky’s fans for all these years.


Author: sparkythedog

I am ghost writing this for my rat terrier, Sparky.

3 thoughts on “Disabled dog”

  1. Crying thru the tears….and laughing thru the tears….and Sparky wants to see us laughing as we visualize him trying to jump all his girl pals.
    Well, he probably doesn’t want is to actually “laugh” at that visual…he would prefer we applaud him for the effort!
    I wont say much now, I’ll just continue to focus on the now with you and Sparky and the blessing of togetherness you two have in the moment.
    Such a special, special little guy and we must have lots of pics and video as he continues to soak up the spoiling and the cuddles and the sunshine💖
    Love to you both, lots and lots of it…
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Oh, I just saw where Dr Sam added her comment. We’ll take it👍
    BTW, It’s impossible NOT to be Sparky’s fan

  3. Becky, thanks for sharing what is no doubt a very difficult thing to wrap your head around — and ours too. We have grown to love Sparky after all these years and to think that his time could be soon, well, it makes us sad. Thankfully you know how to make us smile and laugh when we think of your sweet, funny boy:

    “reminisce about the old times when we used to hike for miles and all the times he tried to hump his little girl dog friends. ”

    That’s our Sparky!

    You have always done so much to make sure he has a great life. No doubt you are doing that now as well. Dr. Sam sounds like such a great vet who came up with a reasonable plan to make sure he’s still having a good quality of life. If not, at least now you are somewhat prepared to give him the send-off he deserves.

    But let’s not think about that now. Sparky is still very much with us. Stay present, get him into the world in that stroller, and warn the girldogs that Sparky is back!

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