Sparky the superdog

He’s gone.  My baby is gone.

He had a stroke a couple months ago and hadn’t been able to walk.  He either rode in his stroller or I carried him.  He had some good quality of life left.  Friends traveled from all over to visit and love on him one last time.  He got lots of pets and treats and spent a lot of time sunbathing on his blankets in the grass.  He had another stroke on Saturday.  He spent the day puking and whimpering in his stroller.  I decided that it was time.  He had a great final day on Sunday and had one last visitor on Monday.  He died in my arms with his beloved Doctor Sam nearby at 1:30 pm on Monday, May 24, 2021.

Thank you to all of his many  friends and fans who responded to his blog posts and provided all the love and support over the years.  It has been a great joy to write his blog and to share his adventures with you.

Thank you tremendously to Jim and Rene and Jerry and Wyatt who have been absolutely marvelous in answering our many questions and being so kind.

Much love from Becky, in mourning

Author: sparkythedog

I am ghost writing this for my rat terrier, Sparky.

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  1. Can’t even respond right now. Crying so hard. I went to come back when the tears subside (if possible) and truly, truly celebrate the most beloved and well cared for dog on the planet💖💖💖

  2. Oh Becky. I’ve been thinking about you all week and I’m glad you shared this news. Sparky has a lot of fans and we are all incredibly heartbroken. It’s a sad time, for sure. When our tears dry we will celebrate all the joy and smiles Sparky brought to us and the world. We will never forget your adorable boy.

    Love you tons. Thank YOU for sharing him with us. You are always part of this community so please don’t be a stranger.

  3. All of the ways you and Sparky touched my life, all the of the lives of us fortunate enough to know Sparky, keep coming to me in little snippets today. And every single memory makes me smile…or warms my heart…or makes me want to go “awww”…or makes me really laugh out loud.
    Can’t quite share them yet because I’m still to sad and cant quite bring them to the surface yet.
    One thing for certain, the bond you two shared, the understanding you had of him and he had of you was truly one of a kind bond. You helped him be the best Sparky he could be and he helped you be the best hooman mom you could be💖

  4. Sparky had his own unique style for telling us about his adventures. The best part about reading his stories was his unique style of language I like to call “Sparky Speak”😎, mazing.,simply mazing😊

    When I first came to this community, I was totally entertained y the SparkySpeak journey. His blog was probably one of the first ones I read….simply because I didn’t know what a blog was and how to tap into it🥺

    I so enjoyed the cat/dog romance he and kitty Jill developed. They were both smitten with each other.
    I know Jill was one of the first ones to greet Sparky at the Rainbow Bridge♥️. I get happy tears thinking about that joyous deunion!! Really…imagine what it was like when Jill saw her Sparky and Sparky saw her Jill💖💖💖

  5. I still give no words and my heart is still so very, very sad and heartbroken for you. I know this was so gut wrenching to write, but it reminds us all of how Sparky did things his way and on his terms. I’m so glad he had visits from hoomams he loved and glad his last day in his earth clothes will some day give you comfort.
    What has to being us all comfort though is knowing every single day of Sparky’s life was “..markable”. And every single word you wrote as his ghostwriter had us all riveted to his adventures and always with a laugh because of the “language of Sparky Speak”.

    I know the words sou d ho.low, but they are soooo true. No dog could have been better loved and better cared for. This SuperDog had a life that few dogs would ever experience….much less experience for al ost fifteen glorious years!!

    A common thread with all of his adventures is how he had everyone fall in love with him and instantly fell under his spell and could not help but adore him…..and spoil him with treats and kisses and hugs!

    You definitely gave words to his thoughts..the dentist….the Vet visits….if he ever had an owee…..whatever it was, you two were so in sync. You you voiced his approval, or disapproval, of every adventures he went on.

    And make no mistake, everyday was an adventure with…..”It’s Me, Sparky!”

    Yes, Sparky is now free and feisty and full of energy and he WILL let that ve known to you! He will let you k ow he is still with you, just from a differ energy source than when here on earth. Promise!! Right now you are too gutted to recognize the ways he is connecting. Well, quite frankly, he may be having such a good time being a Free Spirit (literally), that he hasn’t had time to settle down and send you some connection messages! Pay attention thoug, because we can’t wait to hear how he does connect with you. I have no doubt it will be very Sparky Specific.

    Becky, when we say this, we mean it: SPARKY WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED HERE!!!💖 This dog Soul jas impacted us in sooooo many ways and on soooo many levels, he is embedded in our hearts and minds furever!!! He overcame a y hurdle put before him, he inspired and he showed us all what hope looked like. One of the biggest lessons (of many) is to face each day with a sense of humor and look for the silver lining always.

    Sparky, thank you for being our silver lining on this whole tripawd journey. We are all privileged to have the honor of being part of your Fan club… and your family.

    With love and appreciation for being part of your earth life and now your Spirit energy life💖

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

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